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Kelz has had a love and passion for music ever since the young age of 8. He began his music career as an alto saxophone player at the age of 9 at Carol City Elementary. His gift and talent lead him through various top magnet programs in South Florida. He became a proficient jazz player and composer by the age of 13. Through his journey he branched off and transformed his musical passion and love by putting them to use as a mobile disc jockey and sound engineer for live events, church and Miami-Dade County Public School theater programs and auditoriums. After receiving many superior honors, awards and achieving so many accomplishments as a youth, he decided to go on to college and pursue a Bachelors Degree. After a four-year break from the music scene he has re-emerged as “Mad Man Kelz” to impact the Caribbean music industry and secure radio spots with his energetic voice and tasteful mixes. Now presently he just goes under the name TEAMKELZ with the ones that support, trust, love and has believed in him since day one. This has been a journey with a lot of key people that he feels needs to be recogonized as it is time to take flight. So this site is dedicated to all the real TEAMKELZ family & true supporters.

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